Product Features :
  • 58" High Frames
  • 8” Bottom Tile, (2) 16” Tackable Tiles
  • 16” Glass Tile (spray light glass)
  • 1 Box/Box/File Pedestal w/key
  • Center Spine Power
  • Base Feed In per 8 pack


NationalCubicles.Com has landed programs or adjusted freight programs that allow us to ship throughout the US and even abroad, where the cost of freight is free or minimal. We use national carriers to deliver the product direct to your site or our local installer’s warehouse. All product arrives palletized and wrapped, once an order is placed it is received by our customer service department and you will be notified of Completion Dates, Ship Dates, and your orders tracking number.

Installation provides quick and simple installation process with our network of certified installer’s located local to your project. The Customer service team will coordinate the installation of your Office Cubicles, provide all necessary insurance requirements to the property management or building owner, and insure a successful move in to the new Office Cubicles. If you decide that you would like to do the installation yourself just let your assigned project manager and we will coordinate a drop ship to your provided location.


All products are backed by a Lifetime Manufacturer warranty, our Customer service team will help with any warranty items that might arise.

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